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Extracting data from the web is hard.

We Automate Website data extraction for you!

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Example Use Cases

The possibilities are endless, but to help you get started we want to inspire you. What will you come up with? Let us know your use case at @scraper_ai

Dataset Creation

Create your own dataset in just minutes and enjoy an automatically updating dataset by selecting the data you want.

Learn more aboutDataset Creation

New Published Articles

Stay up-to-date with the latest news, get the latest articles delivered to your application instantly through webhooks.

Learn more aboutNew Published Articles

Stocks & Crypto Monitoring

Stocks and crypto are changing a fast rhytm, monitor the changes that matter for you and act on them!

Learn more aboutStocks & Crypto Monitoring

Changelog Automation

Automatically collect the latest changes, so that we do the repetitive work of collecting them manually for you!

Learn more aboutChangelog Automation

Sales Lead Generation

Generating sales leads can be cumbersome and repetitive, now it can be done in a more automated way!

Learn more aboutSales Lead Generation

Price Monitoring

Stay on top of the competition and monitor your competitors prices. Don't let your customers go to a cheaper alternative

Learn more aboutPrice Monitoring


Simple pricing tuned to your needs, pay for what you use

We strive to keep pricing as simple as possible, but flexible. Billing happens based on your usage, where each page extraction represents 1 unit.



$0 (1 website limit)

Page Extracts

The amount of pages you can extract (= scrape) each month in the bundle for free.


Price per Page Extract outside Bundle

The price per scrape outside your bundle


API Endpoint

Access your data through an API endpoint

Custom Interval

Change how often new records are checked (hourly, daily, ...). Default is daily.

Export Functionality

Download your data as CSV, XLSX, JSON or XML


Get notified when records change

Get Started

Data Extraction

Automate the way you extract data online

Unique In-House Built Data Extraction Engine

Our extraction engine is built in-house, allowing us to provide the quality you deserve! Get started easily by downloading the extension and a few clicks.

  • Visual Selector

    Receive feedback instantaneously on the components you selected.

  • Multi or Single Mode

    Select one specific data point or select a set of data points, allowing you to monitor an item or extract lists.

  • Properties

    Select and manage your website properties, so that you know what you are selecting.

preview scraper
preview pagination

Get data from multiple pages in a few clicks

We want to make extracting of data across pages as easy as possible, with a few clicks you can gather data from multiple "paginated" pages.

Integrate the outcome with ease

Our focus is to ease the way of integrating the data you want for your use-case. Do you wish to utilize an API, receive changes are perform analytics. We have you covered.

  • API Endpoint

    Utilize the API endpoint to retrieve the latest set of extracted results.

  • Change Monitor

    Our engine detects changes automatically and notifies you when they appear.

  • Webhook Integration

    Through our Webhook you can receive the latest information about changes.

preview api

How To Get Started

The below is an example of how you can get started now.