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Scraper.AI is a no-code scraping platform that solves all your web scraping needs! With Scraper.AI you do not need to care about your infrastructure, proxies, CAPTCHAs or anything else anymore!

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Get started instantly through pre-made recipes!

We have build an extensive list of pre-made recipes so that you don't have to!

Facebook Page Monitor

Monitor your favorite Facebook page and get notified when posts or likes change.

Instagram Page Monitor

Monitor your favorite Instagram page and get notified when the followers count changed.

Twitter Keyword Monitor

Monitor important Twitter keywords and get notified when people are speaking about it. Increase your Brand presence through this Recipe.

Or create your own! No Coding Required

We have build or own custom point and click interface that allows you to get any data from any website you want!

Simply select your website properties

Which allows you to describe the data being extracted from the page as well as if it's a single data structure (e.g. product page) or multiple recurring data structures (e.g. articles on a news website).

  • Point and Click, No Coding Required!

    Through our custom algorithm - which was rated based in class - we make sure that you can select and extract the data you want. The only thing left to do is to point and click the element you wish to select!

  • Automatic Self-Healing Selectors through AI!

    Our smart AI engine automatically detects when a selector is broken and will try to self-heal! Just check the info afterwards to see if it did its magic! No more time wasted on reconfiguring your selectors manually!

  • Multi and Single Mode

    We support a plentitude of features! Do you want to extract a product page? Or would you rather extract the different articles? Through our smart mode selection feature you can configure the extractor to your needs!

Configure to your needs!

Configure the scraper to your needs? Do you want to receive notifications when the page updates? Or do you want to gather data from multiple pages? We have the configuration you need!

  • Email and Webhook Notifications

    Get notified when data changes through the experience of your choice! Want to receive email when your favorite product is in stock? Or do you want to automate a specific cart order? By using Notifications you can just do so!

  • Pagination

    Sometimes data is scattered over multiple pages. By utilising our pagination tool, you can select how to extract this data and we will perform the magic for you! No matter if it's a dynamic (SPA) web page or a multi-webpage application.

  • Infinite Scrolling

    Is the data only available after scrolling? Or is the page scrolling endlessly? Extract this data through our Infinite Scrolling option! While always being in charge of how many pages you want to limit this to!

Wide list of features!

We want to be the best in class and offer a great user experience. That's why we maintain a precise list of features to get you started.

Scraping a list with multiple pages becomes very effortless with our pagination feature. The only thing you have to do is select the next page button, we'll do the rest.
Authenticated Pages
Some pages only allow you to access your data after logging in, through our custom user flow you can get access to this with just a few clicks. Extracting data from these difficult pages!
Change is important, that's why we think you should be notified when something has changed. With Scraper.AI you can be notified of change by email notifications or webhooks.
Logs and Screenshots
Transparency is key, that's why we show what the scraper is doing. Get access to a full book of logs and screenshots of your scraped web pages. If something went wrong you can see where and why.
Setting up a scraper for many similar web page is time consuming. With recipes you can create re-usable scraping profiles that you can run on many pages at once. We also have pre-defined recipes to start from.
Multi-data format export
Need access to your data offline for further processing? We support a multitude of different data formats to export to as required in the industry! Export your data now to Excel, CSV, RSS, XML and JSON!
No infrastructure required
Being a full Software-as-a-Service platform means you do not need to set-up and maintain any infrastructure! Just login and get started straight away, we'll keep working for you even when you're asleep!
Data changes often, that's why we can monitor changes that occur in your selection. Set up your scrape and get notified when something changes. Available hourly, daily, weekly and monthly

How business are using data through web scraping

Web scraping helps enterprises gather unstructured data and transform it into structured data. This way they can gather insights and provide business value.

Social Media

Gather data from Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and others) and collect insights around your brand to outsmart your competition on these platforms

Financial, Crypto and Stock Market Data

Gather data around the financial market, stock markets, trading, signals and indicators. Utilize unstructured data for your edge on the competitor to create state of the art strategies.

Product, Pricing and Review Data

Extract pricing, product and review information to be competitive. Monitor and analyze your customer reviews for improved customer satisfaction.

Real Estate and Housing Data

Scrape Real Estate listing, Agents, Brokers, Houses, Apartments, Mortgages, Foreclosures, MLS. Keep a watch on new data by setting up custom notifications.

Job Data and Career

Find the best candidates for your company or track who your competition is hiring. Aggregate jobs from job boards or company websites.

Travel, Hotel and Airline Data

Extract data from travel websites to analyze hotel pricing, room availability, reviews and airline ticket pricing. Stay competitive through the use of this data.

Data for Research

Research is being done in a constant evolution and papers are released every day. Keep track of the latest work by scraping regularly.

News Articles and Alternative Data

Alternative data is becoming more important. Scrape the latest news to extract your own insights around sentiment, brand development, crime rate, local and global trends and more.

Sales Leads

Every business needs their own sales leads. Generate those leads through scraping lists and enriching this data with emails, phone numbers, social media profiles and more.

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