Scraper.AI is halting operations

All stories have come to and end. What started as a simple idea almost 2 years ago, sparked into a new product that was launched last year.

We started with the believe that Web Scraping allows users to gather all relevant data and draw their own conclusions, gaining intelligence in their respective domein.

The Web Scraping market is ever evolving with more and more players entering this market as well as more big tech players making our lifes harder, creating a cat and mouse game that is time consuming and resource intensive.

While talking with our customers, competitors and potential investors we came to realize the same main trends:

  • Proxies are not sufficient enough anymore
  • Big tech companies have more sofficticated measurements in place
  • Web Scraping is seen as being on the boundary of the ethical values

Which is why we as "Scraper.AI" have decided to shut-down operations, starting from the 1st of May.


Can we purchase the engine?

We will support our users requiring our service by selling the Scraping Engine AS-IS, Contact Us for more information.

What will happen at this date?

  • All APIs will stop working
  • All data will be removed

What do you recommend?

  • Export all the datasets relevant to your account