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Scrape information without writing code!

Quickly scrape web data without writing one letter of code and focus on what really matters.

Easy to Use, No Coding Required

Scraping shouldn't be complicated, that's why we've build a custom point and click interface to get you any data you want.

Visual Selector

Tired of not being able to select the data you want with other scraping products? With our best in class selector and algorithms we make sure that you can data the elements you want. The ony thing left to do is point and click.

Multi or Single Mode

Select one specific data point or select a set of data points, allowing you to monitor an item or extract lists.

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Select and manage your website properties, so that you know what you are selecting.

demonstrating the selector on an immo site
pagination preview

Pagination Support

Multiple pages? We got you covered! Select the pagination option to scrape all pages.


Schedule based on your needs to apply scraping techniques on a recurring basis.

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Safe Page Limit

Afraid that you will scrape too many pages? Set a limit and safeguard your quota!

Different formats supported

There are many use cases, we don't want to limit your use cases. That's why we decided to offer you as many export formats as possible. Whether you prefer using Microsoft Excel for business analytics or just want to convert a website to an RSS feed, we've got you covered.


Pre-Made Recipe Support

Automate content extraction through pre-made recipes! Scrape your favourite website within 30 seconds.

Facebook Page Monitor

Monitor your favorite Facebook page and get notified when posts or likes change.

Instagram Page Monitor

Monitor your favorite Instagram page and get notified when the followers count changed.

Twitter Keyword Monitor

Monitor important Twitter keywords and get notified when people are speaking about it. Increase your Brand presence through this Recipe.

Wide list of features

We want to be the best in class and offer a great user experience. That's why we maintain a precise list of features to get you started.


Data changes often, that's why we can monitor changes that occur in your selection. Set up your scrape and get notified when something changes. Available hourly, daily, weekly and monthly


Scraping a list with multiple pages becomes very effortless with our pagination feature. The only thing you have to do is select the next page button, we'll do the rest.

Logged in pages

Is the data you want only available after logging in? No problem, we made it possible to extract this data anyhow.

Get notified

Change is important, that's why we think you should be notified when something has changed. With Scraper.AI you can be notified of change by email notifications or webhooks.

Logs and screenshots

Transparency is key, that's why we show what the scraper is doing. Get access to a full book of logs and screenshots of your scraped web pages. If something went wrong you can see where and why.


Setting up a scraper for many similar web page is time consuming. With recipes you can create re-usable scraping profiles that you can run on many pages at once. We also have pre-defined recipes to start from.

Get started within 1 minute

Let's show you how easy it is to use Scraper.AI, we'll set up and scrape a website in less than 1 minute.