Scraping a twitter search has never been this easy. Scrape a twitter search feed or export tweets to excel, json or more. With the recipe for twitter, web scraping has never been this easy.


Twitter Monitor preview

What data does this return?

Author nameThe name of the user that posted the tweet.
Author twitter urlThe twitter handle of the user that posted the tweet
Time since postedThe amount of time that has passed since the user has posted this tweet
TweetThe text that was posted with the tweet.

How do you use the Twitter Monitor recipe?

After clicking "activate Twitter Monitor" you'll be asked for the pages that you want to monitor. this page looks like "". We'll also ask you to provide an optional name and description. As a last part you'll be asked to provide us with cookies, these can be easily entered using our extension or by manual input.

What will you be able to do?

You will get an output like the following.

Also other standard included cases are supported such as:

  • Export to excel (Export your twitter feed to excel)
  • Export to CSV (Export your twitter feed to CSV)
  • Export to JSON (Export your twitter feed to JSON)
  • Export to XML (Export your twitter feed to XML)
  • Create RSS feed (Export your twitter feed to an RSS feed)